Friday, August 10, 2012

The West Australian: April 2012

                                                            photo: Richard Birch/Canberra Times

Pete Evans:  Full Of Surprises
Pete Evans has just emerged from the waves in Sydney, and the wind is whistling down the phone line as he sets off for a brisk walk home.  The amicable television chef, author, surfer and fisherman is happy to chat, despite not being aware of the scheduled interview.  At the time of writing, the third series of Channel Seven’s ‘My Kitchen Rules’ is reaching its zenith, and grand final week is well underway.

“I’ve had a ball on the show; so far it’s been fantastic,” says Pete. 

“And it’s great working alongside Manu, he’s a good man.  I’ve learnt a lot from the contestants and, hopefully, they’ve learnt a lot from us as well.  It’s resonated with the Australian audience, which is wonderful after everyone’s hard work and sacrifice to make the program.  They’re casting now for series four, but that’s all I know at the moment.  They’re looking for teams as we speak, which is pretty exciting.”

Pete has been kept on his toes since wrapping series three of MKR at the end of last year, working with Sumo Salad on their salad range and spending time with Martha Stewart.  Yes, that one.

“I’ve been on Martha’s show a couple of times now, and she was in Australia two months ago,” he says.

“We had dinner at my Mum’s house, which she cooked for.  It was a top night.  She’s a great supporter of me, and vice versa.  She has such a passion for food, and she just doesn’t stop”

The biggest revelation, though, is that Pete will be opening a restaurant in Bali at the close of 2012.

“The restaurant is going to be in Canggu and it will open by the end of the year.  The name is a surprise, though.  It’s a fantastic location, near some of the best surf breaks in Bali, and I’m looking forward to the adventure.”

Pete doesn’t have immediate plans to follow his chef comrades on the journey West (“although the surfing in Margaret River is fantastic”), but will be over for a short stint to cook for Kitchen Warehouse.  So, what will you be cooking, Pete?

“Oooh, that’s a surprise as well!” he replies with a chuckle. 

“I don’t like to give too much information away.  I like to add a bit of fun to it all”.

When pressed to at least name a protein, he laughs

“Let’s maybe talk about seafood, then.  Maybe”. 

Pete Evans will be appearing at Kitchen Warehouse’s Osborne Park store on 14 April.